Economic Development

The Board of Supervisors has approved a plan to make the Natomas Basin in South Sutter County a future source of jobs and housing for the county. Sutter County officials say their plan would “produce millions of dollars in sales tax revenue.” But a recent Grand Jury report explains how the Board of Supervisors may be jeopardizing this revenue opportunity due to their “lack of representation at meetings and poor communication.” The report states that when four of the five Sutter County representatives resigned from the Natomas Basin Conservancy Board, it took our Board of Supervisors nearly an entire year to appoint new representation. We’re talking about a Board that oversees 53,000 acres of land, impacts the fate of 20,000 jobs and millions of dollars in new tax revenue. Yet, Sutter County chose not to have a seat at the table. To me, this is irresponsible. Who stands to benefit from our county’s mistake? Sacramento. But Sutter County does not seem to be taking the Grand Jury seriously. The Supervisors response was to reject 4 of the 6 recommendations from the Grand Jury report.