Your Advocate & Problem Solver

Residents in District 5 need an advocate who will listen to their concerns and solve problems with a sense of urgency. As your County Supervisor, I will serve as your full-time problem solver and direct link to Sutter County government. If you bring me a problem that the county can’t solve, I’ll work with local, state, or federal representatives to get results. And if the government can’t help, I’ll help bring in non-profit organizations and the private sector to find a solution. I will take your calls, listen to your concerns, and take action. I believe that leaders should be judged by what they have done, not what they say they’ll do.

Unifying Our

We need Sutter County to have excellent relationships with our neighboring local governments. Why? Because our challenges are too big to let egos or personal agendas get in the way. As your County Supervisor, I’ll unify our region to find efficiencies that save taxpayer dollars and to help fight the crazy laws coming out of Sacramento. I’ve got a lifetime of building relationships in the city, in the county and across the river that I’ll bring to the table. Decisions today will impact Sutter County for decades. We can’t wait any longer. District 5 needs a leader who bring people together to make Sutter County shine.

Proactive Communication

I know firsthand how hard it is to run a business, raise a family and keep up with everything happening in the community. But Sutter County needs residents who are aware and engaged in the decision-making process. We need a County Supervisor who will prioritize proactive communication with District 5 residents. It’s not enough just to hear from your elected leaders come election season every four years. As County Supervisor, I’ll provide regular updates to residents outlining the issues that you care about. I’ll also offer mobile office hours in the rural areas of the district to make sure every corner of the district is well represented and informed.