(Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of articles by Appeal reporters concerning honorees at
the Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce Gala last week.)
SAYLove founder Jeff Stephens in front of trash dumped illegally at a location in the area during a clean-up day last year

To recognize the countless hours of volunteer work that made a significant impact on the
community, the Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce recognized the grassroots citizen
organization SAYlove and its founder Jeff Stephens with the Community Champion Award
during the Chamber’s 35th annual Awards Gala.

For just over a year, Stephens has been organizing a monthly clean-up day to tackle the many
illegal dumping sites and trash throughout the area. Putting in just a few hours of work one day
a month, the organization is credited with picking up half a million pounds of trash, collected by
the hundreds of volunteers that have come out to lend a hand.

“It was quite an honor,” said Stephens. “It was very humbling but I really feel like the
participants are the real honorees of SAYlove. I had the idea but it is everyone that shows up to
help that makes SAYlove what it is.”
The Community Champion Award is presented each year to the Yuba-Sutter Chamber of
Commerce business/nonprofit member that has an ongoing commitment to helping support
the community.

“The business/nonprofit awarded truly understands the impact of investing in the community
and believes that a strong community is good for business,” read a release issued by the YubaSutter Chamber of Commerce.

Marni Sanders, Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce CEO, said SAYLove is a true champion for a
stronger community and one of the pillars of the Chamber.
“SAYlove is a prime example of taking a community need or an issue and mobilizing a large
group of people (hundreds) to make a difference,” said Sanders. “The work that SAYlove does,
helps to enhance our community and build a positive of image which, we at the Chamber
believe, attracts business and helps to build our economy.”

Stephens said he continues to be amazed by how well-received SAYlove has been throughout
the community and estimates that roughly 1,000 people have come out to help over the course
of the last year.
According to Stephens, the organization has started to expand its efforts to local schools by
establishing service clubs that will complete on-campus projects to better the school site.

“We want to teach from the very beginning the need for service and the importance of taking
care of your community,” said Stephens.
Stephens said SAYlove’s next clean-up event, scheduled for Saturday, March 28, will be a big

For the first time ever, the organization will be partnering with three local Rotary clubs to
conduct a two-day landscape redevelopment project at Yuba College.
Spread out over the course of two weeks, the project will be done on two consecutive
Saturdays, the second of which is April 4.
The SAYlove community clean-up events are scheduled for the last Saturday of each month.
Interested volunteers are welcome to join the effort and will receive a free t-shirt for their

For more information or to report a site in need of some love, contact Stephens at 682-5348,
email sutterandyubalove@gmail.com or visit the SAYlove Facebook page.

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